Holding it Down at the Flagship

While you can find me at Maison Decor Boston more often than not, I do close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so your boy can get a little bit of time off. Madison has Tuesdays off, too, so we usually spend that day together but I often end up using Wednesday to work on side projects, some MD-related, others not so much. Today, I am using the day to cover my mom’s store, the flagship Maison Decor up in Malden. She’s been as busy as ever with her workshops, online orders and shipping, and most recently, planning our holiday party which is only a day away.

Not only am I here to man the shop, but we’re also trying to bang out some more painted furniture as that has quickly become our hallmark. I’m currently working on a beautiful bedroom set that you can find online here. Pay no attention to the pictures however, as it’s getting a makeover as we speak. In fact, I’m only typing this as I wait for the first coat to dry.

Fresh off of teaching her Fifty Shades of Grey class (as a man, just typing the words Fifty Shades of Grey makes me die inside a bit) Amy decided this Red Riding Hood set is going to get a custom grey which we made by mixing three parts of Old White with one part Paris Grey. The result is a really soft, warm, and sophisticated grey–I love it.

Here’s the bed with a little bit of the original wood showing through while I was applying the first coat. As you can see, the wood is dark, and Amy even had to shellac the entire piece as it was threatening to bleed through. Every once in a while you’ll run into that problem, so if a piece bleeds, just  shellac it and then apply your paint accordingly. Zinsser makes a nice clear shellac that you can find at any paint or hardware store.


Here’s a picture I hate that my mom took of me painting the bed.


And here’s another one of me checking my all-important text messages. (…or twitter or something. No, wait, it was a text. From my mom. With that picture up above that I hate.)

image (2)

This piece had some really intricate woodwork, so while I used a cheap chip brush to really blot the paint into all of the nooks, I still had to go back with a tiny lettering brush to really ensure I thoroughly painted every tiny interstice. Nothing looks worse on a finished piece than little pockets of dark wood showing through. This ain’t the Mickey Mouse Club.

image (3)

I’ll try and follow up tonight and let you know how the rest of the day shook out. Two paragraphs ago, I took another break to sell a girl named Michelle a can of Graphite. She was here for Sunday’s Fifty Shades class too. (Just died inside again.) I’ve also gotta fill you in on Syl’s first trip to the veterinarian and Madison and my intrepid quest to track down a Christmas tree. Oh the places you will go when you read this blog! I know the anticipation is just destroying you…

‘Til then

image (4)


4 thoughts on “Holding it Down at the Flagship

  1. Justin — you’ve got both artistic sense and the gift of the written gab from your momma! Great blog and insights. Oh, and just call it FSG and we’ll know what you mean.

  2. I wish i were rich Justin i would get a flight and come help your Mom,So great she has her talented Son working along side her….The paint job on the bed is looking amazing! and what was it again? oh yeah don’t say i remembered FSG! i don’t want you dying inside again 😉

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