Holiday Party Recap

So we did it! Or as I like to say, we deeeeed it.

We quickly tossed together a friends and family party to finally celebrate everything that’s happened with Maison Decor in this past year.

We had everyone from aunts & uncles to customers and landlords.

It was really rad. I saw family friends I haven’t seen for nearly thirty years (I’m only 32) and it brought me back to a different time and place. I was sharing stories with my mom, my dad, my step dad, my aunt/godmother, my brothers, and a cast of characters we’ve known along the way. It was a howl.

We worried that 8 bottles of wine wouldn’t be enough, but it was. Might have something to do with the secret bottle of Absolut we kept in the VIP section for FOM (friends of Maison).

Check out these awful pics!






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