New Inventory & Syl’s First Trip to the Dog Park

We’ve been fortunate enough to have lots of inventory selling and thus moving out, which also means lots of empty space that in turn needs to be filled. Our friends at MJ Berries recently bought a beautiful Bombe chest that was featured on our back wall. We’ve quickly discovered that the back wall is prime time real estate and anything we put there usually moves quickly. It doesn’t hurt that we often put our best pieces there, but like the chicken or the egg, it’s tough to determine which comes first, the great piece or the great space. (I like to think all of our pieces are “effing awesome dude,” so maybe it is that magic spot) Anyhoo, here’s a peek at some of the new stuff that Amy sent in with my little brother Colin yesterday. (For those not familiar, my youngest brother Colin is a senior at UMass-Amherst and comes home almost every weekend to help out at Maison Decor. He’s got a big giant red pickup truck that makes him veddy veddy valuable.)

Taking the place of the Bombe chest in the Number One Spot is this cool dropwell vanity. I’m going to paint it with Provence and dark wax it to give it a rustic French vibe. Check out the really cool tassel hardware. I’m not wild about the layers of mirrors you see on the back wall, so I expect to move the reception hall mirror in the background later today.



A couple of Santas just kickin it on some furniture.



These french end tables are pretty rad, but need to be painted too. Needless to say, I’ve got my hands full.


That’s because I’m also painting these two beds for my buddy Nick’s mom. She’s building a house on the Cape and needs to fill the sucker with furniture. Nick told her to see what she had in storage and have me paint it rather than go out and buy all new stuff. Good deal for the both of us.


This mirror kicks ass. I hope to get more.


I also picked up this bevel mirror when I was up in Meredith, New Hampshire for a wedding a few weeks ago. Madison was off attending to her bridesmaid duties, so I had a full day to check out all of the antique shops in that area. It was a miracle that this was the only thing I bought.


And now onto the highlight of my day…

With all of the new inventory I planned to come in early today to get a head start. A block away from the store is Peter’s Park, a really popular dog park in the South End. As Sylvia and I passed by, I couldn’t resist the opportunity for our new puppy to make some friends for the first time. While she’s just over 16 weeks old, she’s only been home for less than two weeks, so it’s been really important to get her socialized as she doesn’t always get the opportunity to see or play with other dogs and/or people.

She was obviously the smallest pup there, and for the most part, it went very well.

Here she is with a couple of big friends. The one on the right, Bella, took a real shine to li’l Syl.


Her group of admirers soon grew as she started bombing around the park. You’ll notice Bella still grilling her.


Shortly after that pic was snapped, Bella got a little too rough and rolled Syl over as the other dogs got rambunctious as well. Nobody was being malicious, I just don’t think they realized their own strength. I figured Syl had enough, and it was time to get to work.

As soon as we got in, I made her breakfast which she proceeded to devour.


She’s been sleeping in her bed ever since, and being a great mascot for Maison Decor.

We’ve been really killin it today too. As I send this to press, we’ve sold an old clock that had been hanging out here since opening day, one of our vintage birdcages, and a really cool barnyard ladder that was a favorite of mine. As always, the paint is flying and our Christmas stuff is disappearing left and right.

Now I’ve gotta find a whole new crop of stuff to replace the things that vanished today.

It never ends…

Peace and love and Happy Hannukkah to those of you who started celebrating it yesterday.


5 thoughts on “New Inventory & Syl’s First Trip to the Dog Park

  1. I have been following your mom’s blog for over six months now, the gorgeous
    painted furniture you both do blows me away! Woe! I am from Maine and run
    a cottage business from my home ( painted furniture that I sell too). I love
    your blog!!!!! Keep up the great work, you both are truly artists…..(: Hope
    to visit your stores in the near future!

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