New Year Roundup


Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately–the Holidays and year end events can be kind of hectic as I’m sure you all know.

I know many of you come over here from my mom’s blog, I’m guessing you saw how our Christmas went. We somehow all ended up wearing the same PJ’s and laughing our collective asses off all night. It was really great.

We had loaded up on Christmas stuff here in Boston and it all sold pretty well. The day after Christmas, I came into the store and packed up what remaining Christmas items were still for sale as well as the remaining decorations. It opened up the store a bit, but also underscored the fact that this is probably a perfect time for another seasonal revamp. Amy, Colin & I are going to have our first official staff meeting of 2013 on Monday to figure out our upcoming plan of attack.

We’re all still learning, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’d like to get better at merchandising. All of this will be addressed next week. We might even end up drastically changing the floor plan here on Harrison Ave–we’ll see. I tried a drastic change once before and it just didn’t work. With less than 500 square feet, you had better get it right or else the small space will feel too cluttered.

In the last couple of weeks paint jobs have taken me away from the computer, hence the lack of blogs. From the time I unlock the door to the time I bounce on out, I’ve been painting and waxing like a maniac. It’s great to be busy, but as my mom can attest, it can feel overwhelming at times, like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Colin’s been a huge asset to have home from college for the next month, but often times it’s only one of us running our respective shops, and on busy retail days painting takes a back seat to our customers.

I apologize for my crappy pictures. I take them all with my iPhone and the lighting on Harrison Ave doesn’t often cooperate with me. Here’s a terrible picture of a dining set Colin and I painted. It was a heavily lacquered, off-white white set with a natural wood top. We painted it Graphite and already sold it to our friends from MJ Berries Design. Colin and I brought it up to their apartment today just to make sure that it fit with the rest of the space. As you can imagine, it worked out perfectly. Love those guys!




That’s pretty much it for now, and I’ll try and keep you updated more often on what I am doing here at the store as well as my life away from Maison Decor.


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