Using Empty Frames For Wall Decor

Hey guys. As you can see, I’m really killing it lately with my one-blog-every-eight-days average. I’m trying, I’m trying. I almost get embarrassed when I meet some of you who tell me you read the blog, only because I don’t keep up with it as much as I would like. That said, buckle up for some wild and groundbreaking home decor tips from yours truly. (not sure if the sarcasm came through in that last sentence, but it was supposed to)

January proved to be a very busy month here in Boston, in fact it’s the busiest month the store has had since our opening month in September.

We moved lots of product, creating large voids throughout the store. If you haven’t been in to the store yet, you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that it’s extremely small. Most people say it looks even smaller than it shows in pictures. That said, the store always looks killer thanks to the Dream Team of Amy, Me, and sometimes Colin.

With a small store, the disappearance of product can lead to big voids very quickly. To keep up with our reputation for looking good, we always have new product on deck to fill in those newly vacated spaces.

Recently we sold out of 80% the stuff we keep on our back wall. That’s the wall my mom once notoriously referred to as the Ten Thousand Dollar Wall due to the collective price of all the product we display there. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the store and it’s important that it always looks dynamite. After the busy weekend, I came in to regroup and redecorate. I have no real background in home decor other than what I’m learning with this business and what I picked up (probably through osmosis) from being around my mother growing up. I’m also a very Type A personality, so I have always had a knack for organizing things which helps.

After trying to do a motif with different paintings and prints we have around the store, I took a step back and hated what I saw. I’m not even gonna show you a picture of it–it just looked half-assed and amateur. I did like the foundation I had laid, sort of an organized chaos, I just didn’t like it with the paintings I used.

Drawing on that idea, I remembered that we had a few large empty frames, and those would be my basis for this next experiment. I hung the large but different sized frames at an equal width apart, but at different heights to created a staggered effect. Organized chaos. I don’t like things to look too symmetrical, but at the same time there needs to be some order otherwise that too will look like garbage. I then added some different styled and shaped mirrors in between the empty frames and rounded it out by centering a couple more mirrors inside of the frames.

I think the end result was really simple and cool, and it’s something anybody could easily recreate at home for short money.




7 thoughts on “Using Empty Frames For Wall Decor

  1. Apparently you need to tweet every eight days, too, to get rid of the Christmas themed ones above, lol! 😉 Shop wall looks dynamite, especially at the angle in the second pic — nice job!

  2. Well it looked fabulous when I walked through the door. You continue to amaze with your natural instincts~not to mention that after you did this display you sold quite a few of those wall display pieces! Sign of great merchandising.

  3. That looks great! I have been wondering if I did the right thing(I like but maybe it’s a decorator no no ?)! I hung the same clock, ok a horizontal version and framed it with a oblong vintage frame!

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