Custom Paint Services

Our custom paint services have certainly taken off this year. I actually don’t think a week has passed since before January where I haven’t had an ongoing project. From tables to chairs to dressers and benches, I’ve seen a million pieces, and everyone’s left happy.

Here’s how it works: Bring me furniture. I paint it. You pay me. We both smile.

So simple!

But seriously, what people will often do is shoot me an email at with either a picture of the piece or a picture of a piece that has the look they’re aiming for and we go from there. We have a pricing menu, with set prices for different pieces and extras such as distressing, two colors, crackle finish, etc. The turnaround time is usually about a week.

While Chalk Paint is awesome for doing-it-yourself, some people can’t be bothered and that’s where we’re glad to help. It’s always exciting to see people’s reaction upon pickup.

Here are some iPhone pics of a couple before and afters. Forgive the quality.










3 thoughts on “Custom Paint Services

  1. Hi Justin. I really like the red dresser that you painted. I’m guessing you used Emperor’s Silk, but can’t tell. How many coats of red did you use? I can’t tell if you distressed it; did you? And, did you apply both clear and dark wax? I just started with this new blog, and also just recently started using ASCP. So, I will be posting my personal projects in the near future! Thanks in advance for your reply. UF.

    • Yes, I used emperor’s silk. I did two coats, lightly distressed it around the edges, and then used both clear and dark wax. Thanks for reading!

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