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As you know, sometimes I like to post about things that having nothing to do with painting, furniture, or home decor. It helps me post a little bit more frequently (such a problem) and hopefully it gives you a little insight into who I am so you can feel like you know me when you come into our stores. Or maybe these posts strike you as self indulgent and all you want is more paint tips. Who knows?! Here goes!

I’m currently sitting on my laptop at the end of my work table in the middle of what has been a delightfully busy Saturday.



I was so nervous that our paint wouldn’t arrive in time for the weekend. We had experienced a delay due to the blockbuster storm that swept through Kansas City, where our paint was coming from. It’s really important for the Boston store to be overstocked on weekends as that is when we do big numbers. Luckily, at the eleventh hour, our paint arrived in Malden yesterday. Colin was covering over there while my mom is in Colorado, and being the great team player that he is, he loaded up his pickup with my stock and zipped it in to me before closing time on Friday. Love that kid. Anyway, I’m glad he did, as we’ve sold buckets of paint, loads of wax, and millions of ultimate wax brushes. Millions! (Not really millions) Sylvia is here with me as usual, and now that she’s moving into her 8th month of existence, she’s behaving like a teenager. She’s still as sweet as ever, but she’s certainly feeling her oats. While she used to just chill out on her bed and sleep the day away, now she wants to run out and greet each and every customer with her trademark butt wiggle. So cute, but a bit distracting if there are lots of customers in our tiny little store. I’ve taken to tying her up in the storm with enough slack so that she can come to the edge of my desk and still say hi while our guests pet her and say hello. Everyone loves li’l Syl.




Madison and I work opposite schedules, but we do both get Tuesdays off which has become de facto Date Day. Last week in an attempt to do something different, we went to Mystery Lounge at the Hong Kong in Harvard Square.

So. Damn. Fun.

Mystery Lounge is a magic and comedy show and for only twelve bucks, it’s a great time. The club is cozy and they have humongous scorpion bowls and with the funny and talented acts, and, well, they had me at scorpion bowls. If you reserve your tickets in advance, you will get seated right up front and chances are the magicians will call on you for a little audience participation. Madison got called up and along with another girl, participated in a trick where cards jumped from under their butts. Sounds weird, but they both sat on stacks of cards, Madison on 6, the other girl on 10, and by the end of the trick, they were each seated upon 8 cards. Butt jumping cards, see what I mean?


All told, it’s been a very fun week. I enjoyed covering the Malden store, and painted a really rustic dresser in Olive, a color I hadn’t used yet. Because I didn’t have enough time to finish it before heading back to run the Boston store, Colin took the mantle and finished the piece today. A first-ever Power brothers collaboration piece. We should charge extra for that, but we won’t. Get a load of these before and afters.

I’m out!



The top had been to hell and back











2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Life Stuff

  1. Justin. so glad you had a great Tuesday. That horrible piece looks soooo good. Your a magician too!

    My Dad was born and raised in Ma. In the Somerset/Fall River area. Still have a few relatives there, and love to go to Boston, just about an hour away. So next time we go to Ma. we will stop in.!!

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