Back in the Saddle

Hey gang.

Well, it’s back to blogging after an extended hiatus. What’re we at, two, three weeks without a new post? Ahh, to return to the halcyon days of the once-every-eight-days updates of Brush and Pail.

Anyway, enough with the apologies and onto to some updates about where I’m at and where we’re at as a company.

So I’m a day removed from New Orleans where we just attended an annual conference with Annie Sloan and fellow stockists to discuss her decorative Chalk Paint®, our businesses, and how we could maximize our potential. I didn’t know what to expect as I am not active on the private Facebook page for stockists (I’m not actually on Facebook at all, but maybe that will change), so while I had heard many names, I didn’t know what these people looked like or much about them at all really. Once there, it was so terrific to meet so many wonderful people with warmth, encouragement, support and sense of camaraderie. I expected to learn a lot, but I completely underestimated how reinvigorating the entire experience would prove to be. I said to Amy on the flight home that I’m totally ready to launch into Maison Decor 2.0. We are such a small company at this point, that in this last year, we’ve just been bearing down and working so hard just to keep up with demand. It’s a great problem to have in business, being too busy, but sometimes it makes it difficult to see the forest through the trees. It was the perfect time to get away and take a week to learn and look hard at what we’re doing, and narrow our focus and really hit the pavement running  this coming spring.

While the education in New Orleans was invaluable, that’s not to say that we didn’t have any fun. Lisa Rickert (Queen Bee at Annie Sloan Unfolded, if you’re not familiar) welcomed us to her city and put out a wonderfully generous spread for us day after day, night after night. Annie was as cool and as personable as I had heard, but times a thousand. It’s so damn cool to be a part of this paint, and this company, and to be doing it with my family and knowing that the people at the top have your back just as much as your own flesh and blood. I can’t overstate that enough. I guess it makes sense that such a cool paint would have to sprout from such a cool lady.

That said, I’m admittedly a little slow to hop back into that aforementioned saddle. It’s not that I’m reluctant to, it’s just that I’ve gotta shift gears back into grind mode after a five day stretch that was so jam packed that I truly felt like I was away for a month.

I’ve promised (okay, hollowly promised)  it before and now I’ll promise again to blog more. I’m going to try and set deadlines for myself and treat it more as an extension of my job and less as a hobby. The few of you that told me you read and maybe even enjoyed my blog was a true delight. And not because I need compliments. I enjoyed the connection that it provided, and if this blog and this internet are here to connect you to people than you damn well better take advantage.

So this post wasn’t a how-to or a project diary, but just a glimpse into where my head’s at today. I look forward to getting back to work, turning out pieces I’m proud of, and blogging about it. I look forward to taking my store displays up another peg and sharing that with you. And most importantly, I simply look forward to whatever’s ahead. Don’t look back kiddos.

Hey! Here’s some of the pics I snapped in New Orleans.

Later gators.







And the post wouldn’t be complete without a selfy of me and my mom:



10 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Thanks for the memories of New Orleans. My mother, my son and I stayed at the Hotel Monteleone many, many years ago. I don’t feel you need to apologize for not blogging unless you have a contract to do it on a schedule. I suggest you let your heart be your guide so you not only share knowledge with us but also joy. Glad you had a good time. Blessings

  2. Hey Jason, glad your back. I look forward to your posts. I’m so happy that your making a commitment to do more things. Go Red Socks!!!! did I write that, I meant Go Yankees!!!

  3. Missed both you and Amy! It is my morning coffee routine not unlike reading the paper! So when you are gone (or don’t post) what’s a girl to do!?
    Hey I live over here in California I need to catch up with Boston daily! I won’t judge or maybe I will….post more dang it! Even cool pics of the store is yummy to see in the morning!

    • I totally AGREE! Reading the blogs w/a cup of copy is the only way to clear the morning brain fog! And I’m out here on the edge of the opposite ocean, too. I think the next step for Maison Decor is to open a shop in the SF Bay Area……..And I live in the perfect town to do so! 🙂

  4. That last pic, I thought was you and Diane Keaton! So glad you had a great time. I loved these photos. I love New Orleans and haven’t been in a long time and so want to go. I really loved the photo of the Oyster sign…you need to frame that one and sell it in the store! Welcome back!

    • Nita, are you trying to rile Amy up??! lol

      Justin, loved the photos, such a nice melange. Especially the singers in their vintage outfits.

  5. JUSTIN!!!!! I loved meeting you and just like Annie, you are even cooler in person! Wasn’t NOLA the best time ever!! I am looking for big things from you and your Mom this year. I think we all came home with a keen eye for our shops and how we can improve them.

    Are you on Pinterest yet???

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    • Thanks Janet, it was great meeting you too!

      Hmmm, I think I’m on Pinterest, but I haven’t been active so that’ll have to change 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. Beautiful photos Justin. I agree they would be wonderful additions to the store. Especially the Oyster sign picture…captures New Orleans perfectly. Post somethings to Pinterest it will direct a lot traffic back to your blog. Hello to Amy and Colin.

  7. Yes, he does need to apologize. I have been waiting and waiting to see his stuff… JUST KIDDING! Welcome back and it was an honor that you replied to one of my questions which helped. Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your blog. AND…. I’m in love with Annie. 😀
    UF, Holland MI

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