Paint Your Shoes With Chalk Paint®

Do you have canvas shoes? Do they look stupid? Are you tired of them? Do you have Chalk Paint® ? What time is dinner? Will this blog be nothing but a series of questions? Huh?

Sorry about that, I lost my way for a minute. Here’s a little ditty about painting your canvas shoes with Annie Sloan’s decorative Chalk Paint®. See, it isn’t just for furniture and walls and fabric and marble and glass and concrete and oh just about every damn surface on god’s green earth. Seriously, if you haven’t got quarts upon quarts of this stuff strewn about your house, report to Harrison Avenue immediately and buy paint from me.

Anyhoo…I have a pair of Tom’s shoes that I bought a couple of years ago. They’re canvas espadrilles that are simple and easy to wear, and for every pair sold, Tom donates a pair to needy kids in Africa or something like that. Maybe he just sits high atop a throne of cash, but who am I to judge? The shoes are usually favored by chicks, but I’m a hip young man and I’m confident and cool so I don’t get hung up on that stuff. That last part was a lie. I actually just bought them because I hate tying my shoes and they lack laces so I went on Tom dot Com and invited a pair over so we could both go to parties together.

So after a couple of years of wear, they were looking dirty and drab, and I remembered that Annie Sloan has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to painted canvas shoes.

My Tom’s were going to go from Grey to Red (Primer Red, to be precise) in, like, two seconds. As a kid, I used to love the Sega Genesis game Sonic the Hedgehog. Who didn’t? If you’re familiar with the game, Sonic would sometimes get special red shoes that made him super duper fast. Ever since then, I’ve always been cool with red shoes.

Now I’ve got another pair.


Oh. Hello.




Dammit. I don’t have a spare pair of shoes to wear home. Oh, that’s right–Chalk Paint dries hella fast so I’m all good.



9 thoughts on “Paint Your Shoes With Chalk Paint®

  1. You really have been working on being creative. I’m going to try it on a pair of sneakers! Perhaps I’ll do them in stripes, well maybe not, just a crazy thought. Love Your blog! Arleen

  2. Hmmmm…. maybe you need to hit a few thrift stores for some new fabulous shoes to offer…. oh wait, you are a home decor store, lol!

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