Trash to Treasure With…(You Guessed It) Chalk Paint ®

As you well know, in addition to Chalk Paint ®, we also sell  recycled and refinished furniture at both of our Maison Decor stores. There are certain challenges to peddling used items, particularly furniture. For starters, we aren’t a thrift shop nor do we ever want to appear to be one. Everything we sell is carefully selected to fit our styles and to offer our customers the best possible product. It also allows us to dictate our business on our terms. When you sell antiques, lots of people want to haggle with you about pricing or they want to sell you their crap. I blame the myriad television shows (American Pickers, Antiques Roadshow, etc.) for the surge in antique IQ. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that long ago, Amy and I agreed that our prices would be firm and we’d pretty much always say no to consignment or outside sales.

This brings me to today’s story and why I just said “pretty much always” and not “always say no.”

Two weeks ago, a bubbly lady with an unplaceable accent came bounding through my doors in Boston. She was saying something to the effect of, “You’ll take my table?” Whenever anyone says this, even if I think they’re trying to sell me something, I always reply, “Why? You want me to paint it for you?” It’s usually the former and not the latter as was the case with my new friend. She said she had a table outside in the car, and I could just “have” it. Well, for $___. (I don’t dare put what I paid for it, because on the off chance that the ladies who bought it read this, they’d be mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets.) Well with a great price and a positive attitude, I told her I’d at least have a look. Before we went outside, I told her straight up, “But I’m probably not gonna buy it.”

Well I bought it. The thing was awesome! It was a smallish end table with the coolest patina. Love at first sight.

I hauled it inside and for the moment, felt that it didn’t even need paint. It was so cool the way it was. While I love to paint nearly everything, I worried that this piece’s weathered story wouldn’t get to be told if it were to be covered.

That all lasted for about five minutes.

As I always do, I hatched the perfect plan <——sarcasm Okay, a good plan nonetheless. I was going to keep the top the way it was and just use Annie Sloan soft wax to protect it and bring the finish out a little bit more. For the cool legs, I whipped up a wash using Old White and water, that way, it would get a little bit of color while maintaining it’s original integrity. I also took Annie’s advice and painted the inside of the drawer in a fun color, my favorite color, Antibes.

Check a check it out!


20130425-172820.jpgHere it is up on my work table, in progress



I should add that this table sold in seven days flat proving the old adage true, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.


3 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure With…(You Guessed It) Chalk Paint ®

  1. Still loving your blog. Just tell it the way it is. I love your style and your eye for making things better! Kudos Justin!!!

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