Brimfield Recap


Things have been busy, busy, bizzeee as I’ve recently mentioned, but I did take my one real day off to head out to western Mass to attend the Brimfield Antique Show. Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you already know what Brimfield is so I won’t bore you with the specifics.

Madison and I woke up at dawn on Tuesday, and drove up to Malden to drop Sylvia off with my mom and to switch cars. My mom’s got an enormous Ford Expedition, so we figured we could use the extra cargo space if we ended up going on a buying spree. I had never been to Brimfield before, but knew a bit about it. I knew that I could expect super high prices, as most dealers are charging retail and trying to capitalize on the throngs of NYC buyers who are flush with cash. I was mostly going for inspiration and for fun and that was okay with me. I will admit, it was a little bit overwhelming trying to do it all in 24 hours without much of a plan of attack. I should have taken many more pictures, but I was just so awestruck by all of the cool treasures around me. My mom always tells me to think like a blogger (read: photograph everything you see) and I’m slowly getting there. We had such an awesome time despite the time constraints and over-stimulation. I already plan to go back in July, and probably September, too. It’s just so fun and enchanting.

Here are my photos from the show, like I said, I wish they were better and I had more. Oh well, there’s always next time.

101_4950 101_4951 101_4952 101_4953 101_4956 101_4958 101_4959 101_4960 101_4962 101_4964 101_4966 101_4968 101_4973 101_4974 101_4975 101_4977 101_4979 101_4980 101_4981 101_4982 101_4983 101_4985 justin and madison going to brimfield justin going to brimfield


6 thoughts on “Brimfield Recap

  1. Jayson, Are we going to see a few before and after pictures of your purchases?? Did you see an item you just had to leave there, and all you do it think about it. I do it all the time. My new thing to love are Demi John bottles. I did see one in Paris, but the price was €350.00. Do you ever come across them?

    Looking forward to more blogs and pictures. Take care

  2. Nice, Justin! So did you buy that Power construction patch? Brandon would have loved it as a little boy! You come home with anything else?

    • Unfortunately everything was too expensive so I only came home with an experience. Fine by me!

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Justin, you came home with Madison which is the best treasure of all! (And no, I don’t know either of you except through your and your mom’s blogs, but just think the two of you are just the cutest!)

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