Store Snapshot Memorial Day Edition

We’re feeling patriotic and festive here in Boston despite the horrible weather. (It’s cold and rainy. Gross) Amy whipped up some awesome star spangled buntings that we hung in the store and riding my recent chalk obsession, I drew a colonial American flag on the wall.

We also recently acquired an unbelievable new industrial table. We’re repossessing it as a bar, but you could do whatever you like with this beauty. It reminds me of an old workbench we repossessed as a butcher block last fall. Totally my style and something I’d buy if I wasn’t selling it.

Not a lot of words in this post, but here’s some pictures from the store today.

One side note: I’ve been feeling such a kinship with some of our Boston patrons of late. Today was a perfect example. I had a visit from my friend Lyn who is totally hooked on Chalk Paint® and usually stops by every few Saturdays or so. I met her years ago at the dog park and lost touch until she just so happened into the store a few months back. I absolutely adore her. She’s got such a great disposition and whenever she comes in she hangs out with Sylvia and we shoot the shit for a while. The world could use more people like Lyn. Today she bought more Duck Egg (she cooked through her first quart) a cool cage light pendant and a sample pot of Paris Grey. Always a good day when Lyn’s the first person I see. From there we had a lot of out of town visitors that were young and hip and super friendly. The first was a couple from North Carolina that bought these sweet antique opera glass binoculars. They were digging Sylvia, too and I heard them mutter something to the effect of, “She looks like a Schnoodle.” I asked them what they said and they got kind of embarrassed and said, “Oh, nothing.” I said, “She’s a Schnoodle if that’s what you were wondering.” They both got really excited and told me that they have a Schnoodle as well. So we totally geeked out and bonded over that and shared pictures and stories about our respective dogs. It was fun and I gave them some insider tips about things to do in the city during their stay. We also got a visit from three young girls from Toronto. They were totally into vintage stuff and loved the shop. I steered them in the direction of some other cool vintage-type shops in the area. I really enjoyed meeting them.

Anyway, here’s hoping to better weather tomorrow for the SOWA Open Market. Now onto the pics:

101_4994 101_4995 101_4996 101_5001 101_5008 101_5011 101_5012 101_5013


2 thoughts on “Store Snapshot Memorial Day Edition

  1. Hey Justin, It’s me again. I haven’t seen any Demi John bottles in your shop. It’s my new thing. If you or Amy find any I’d love to see them. Love your post. You are
    To funny. May be in N.J. later this summer. I think your only about 5 hours away. Easy peasy. Love your shop! Keep on Postin’.

    • Hi Arleen,

      We actually saw quite a few demijohn bottles at Brimfield. Madison insisted on getting some, but I thought they were priced too high. Maybe at Brimfield in July I’ll find them at a better price.

      Sent from my iPhone

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