How To Make a Terrarium Workshop? You Got That Right

You may have noticed that terrariums and indoor gardens are super popular right now. In cities especially, where gardening can be a challenge, a terrarium offers a nice burst of life to your living space. Even if you don’t live in the city, and you’ve got a big yard or a great garden, you can still create a little world of wonder inside your home, office, or in my case, store.

Madison and I had been talking about making some new terrariums for a while now, and we finally got the show on the road. We both have a pretty extensive plant-related background, so it was good to get back at it again. She worked on a farm up in Maine where she grew up for years, and I worked at Mahoney’s Garden Center for my dad for years in my late teens and early twenties. They even made me nursery department manager when I was 21. Along with that, we both have lots of green thumbs in our families, so gardening and planting really is second nature.

This past Tuesday was rainy as all get out, so it made for the perfect project to work on inside. We drove over to the beautiful Allandale Farm in Brookline for our succulents and annuals. Unfortunately, they didn’t have horticultural charcoal, so we then drove over to the Mahoney’s in Brighton. Side note: Why the hell does the rain make everybody drive like an imbecile?! The traffic on Tuesday was ridiculous. We saw people commenting on Twitter and Instagram that the traffic was the worst they had seen in Boston. I might have to a agree. It took us about an hour and a half to get from the South End to Brookline, and another hour to get from Brookline to Brighton. Each trip should have taken a half an hour.

Allendale is the last working farm in Boston

Allandale is the last working farm in Boston. See the rain?

Greenhouse 1 at Allendale Farm

Greenhouse 1 at Allandale Farm



Mahoney’s in Brighton was gorgeous, so it was totally worth the trip. Their indoor garden area is stunning, no BS. They had beautiful displays, and just about every type of container imaginable for your indoor gardening pleasure.



They also had lots of cool air plants, something I plan on delving into later this summer. As always, Mahoney’s product was in beautiful condition, healthy and vibrant and bursting with color. It was a stark contrast from the dumpy Home Depot in South Bay we visited last week. Seriously, I don’t even think they water the plants at that particular Home Cheapo. Everything was dry, brown, and dying. Not cool bros.

Home Dump

Home Dump

On our way home, with materials in tow, we grabbed a bottle of wine and our night was set. I’m either getting old, or lame, or both, but I was as excited for terrarium night as I was for the Bruins game the night before. (Okay. I just went too far. But I was really excited.)



While this was initially going to be a how to post, it instead is going to be an announcement post.

Starting next month in our Boston store, Madison and I are going to be offering terrarium workshops! The first of these workshops is scheduled for Tuesday evening July 23rd. They will run from 6:30 – 8:30 and there may be wine involved. All you have to do is sign up online at It couldn’t be easier, you show up with nothing but yourself, we provide all of the materials necessary (from the container to the soil and plants) and you leave with your very own terrarium planted by you! We’ll show you how to do it and how to care for it and all you have to do is be ready to get your hands dirty. (But we’ll provide gloves, too.)


Show up with nothing, leave with one of these!

Show up with nothing, leave with one of these!

If this sounds like something you’re into, sign up! Or you can always email me at justinmaisondecor [at] gmail [dot] com. <—- have to do that weird @ and . so that the spambots don’t bombard me with emails.

Okay. That’s that.

Party on.


7 thoughts on “How To Make a Terrarium Workshop? You Got That Right

  1. Excited about terrarium night! I don’t know what to think. I know I would be excited about it but you are far too young to be excited about it. That said, I bet the workshop will be loads of fun.

  2. Hi Justin. I must have been napping. I missed this post. Sorry about that. I wish I lived closer. Id love to come to your workshop. Plants don’t like me much. I either water them to much or not enough. I tell them I love them, but that doesn’t work either. I love the ones you showed. Perhaps a terrarium is what I need. Good luck to you and your beautiful Madison!!!

  3. Hey Justin and Madison. I was just on your Moms blog, MAISON DECOR. Love the way the new shop is turning out! Great idea about the brick flooring. Your idea for the plants will really go well. Blessings, Arleen

  4. Hello from Tn. I know how hard you all (or as they say in Tn.)Y’all have been working. The new shop looks great. Are you ready to do a blog on the terrariums? Loved your silly picture you sent MASION DECOR, when you were left alone. Your a cutie. No wonder why Madison love you!

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