Why Haven’t I Been Blogging? Let Me Show Ya!

Seems I’m always apologizing for not blogging so much. While I’ll spare you any apologies, I’d like to take you through what I’ve been up to of late and maybe that’ll give you a better idea why I haven’t been behind a computer.

Let me give you a pictorial tour of my life this hectic, but exciting last six weeks. I hope you enjoy it. (And who doesn’t prefer looking at pictures over reading?)

For starters, about three days after my last blog post, Madison and I moved out of Jamaica Plain. With our future lives fast unfolding before us, my mom and stepdad offered to let us move into their in-law apartment in an effort to save money and start planning for our future. Tough to say no to that.

So we moved.

Oh. So we need to clean the place up a bit it seems.

Oh. So we need to clean the place up a bit it seems.

Yeah, the apartment had a bunch of shit in it. We tackled that.

Syl didn’t seem to mind. (Or help out for that matter.)

Sylvia was way into the new digs, however.

Sylvia was way into the new digs, however.

Amy scored some sweet factory carts that we’ve repurposed as coffee tables, so Colin and I trucked it up to New Hampshire to claim our haul.

Doesn't get more 'murican than that shirt atop a pickup truck.

Doesn’t get more ‘murican than that shirt atop a pickup truck.

We bought so many, we had to cram some into the seats.

We bought so many, we had to cram some into the seats.

I managed to find a second to sneak off to Walden Pond on an overcast Tuesday. Thoreau might’ve had the right idea, keepin’ it simple and all…

Henry was cool.

Henry was cool.

But we were so busy, doing our best to get our brand new Reading, MA store open in fourteen short (long, actually) days.

We also had an all-hands-on-deck approach to opening our new store in Reading.

We also had an all-hands-on-deck approach to opening our new store in Reading.

While Amy and Colin were busy hand-painting our cobblestone floors (Madison and I did some, too), I got busy doing my chalk art for our workshop announcement wall.




All the while, we were renting a booth at the SOWA Vintage Market for the month of July. Yeah. We didn’t have much going on…

Here’s one of me talking and carrying furniture at the same time. Talent? I’ve got it in spades…


And before we knew it, we were moving our stuff back out.

Yeah, I’m into neon Nike sneakers, in case you didn’t notice.



Above, you can see me pretending to know what I’m doing. I could’ve used my step father’s knot-tying prowess in trying to secure our paint display cabinet. It was back to Reading to try and make this former liquor store into the new Maison Decor.

Oh. The knot held up. Here’s our cabinet, full of Chalk Paint® as I finish a really sweet partners desk.




In the middle of all of this, middle brother Brandon moved to Los Angeles! He had ten suitcases, moved on the fourth of July (THE FOURTH OF JULY!?! CAN WE PLEASE GET A DAY OFF?!?) So we all packed in and bid him adieu on his exciting journey and next phase of his life. He’s doing great so far, in case you were wondering.


Oh. Hey Malden store. Smell ya later. (Just kidding. We are keeping this space as our warehouse and studio. Colin snapped this pick, unbeknownst to me.)


As I mentioned, our new location was formerly a liquor store. Colin and I started peeling the sign off just in time for the professionals to show up and remove it.


The sign guy had a pretty sweet beard and a cherry picker, so we got out of the way and into the air conditioning while he did his thing.


I wasn’t long for the AC, as I decided to work on a dining room set. Though Chalk Paint doesn’t require sanding, I wanted to sand this one back to give the top a whitewashed look. (Ed. note: we weren’t able to achieve the whitewashed/pickled look we wanted, so Amy did some advanced treatments to the top (paris wash, old white dry-brushing, etc) and it came out dynamite.)


I got busy painting and distressing the chairs. One thing I take most pride in, is my distressing ability. Anyone can do it, but the key is to make it look natural. I’ve worked very hard on this technique, and I’d go toe-to-toe with anybody in the world in a distress-off. TRY ME!



The store was open. Wait. The store was open!? I guess I better hop on the computer and look like I’m doing some work.


Or at least think about doing some work…


Our latest paint shipment arrived, so I employed our newly enlisted dolly to move it like a pro.


Here I am moving the paint with the dolly about three seconds after the above picture was taken. Interesting and cool!


But, because I’m into acting a fool on the reg, here’s some delightful pictures of your boy doing crap that only I would find funny.

Plenty of my least favorite coffee (Dunkin’ Donuts) was involved in the moving and shaking of this month.

(Sick Annie Sloan coffee coozie)


Oh and we also found time to go on an antique picking trip. It helps to look serious on these trips to intimidate your sellers. See how furrowed my brow is? I MEAN BUSINESS


I am happy to paint.


In the meantime, I also painted this desk in my all-time favorite color, Antibes, for the Boston store. I believe it was unofficially the fastest seller in Maison Decor’s history. Finished it Saturday night and it sold on Sunday morning to an awesome couple who just moved to Boston from Harlem. They ruled, and had an awesome eye for cool stuff. Colin loved them too, proclaiming, “that was my favorite delivery, ever.” They showed us some of their other pieces that they’ve collected, and all had that Maison Decor look. Thanks Rob and Shanti.


And then I goofed off every chance I had.




Thanks for hanging in there, gang. Peace and love and all that jazz.

I’m out.


12 thoughts on “Why Haven’t I Been Blogging? Let Me Show Ya!

  1. Yep… catching up on your trials and tribulations was definitely worth the wait! Cutting it kinda close Under the Dome… who needs TV when we have ASCP bloggers. Best of luck in your new abode, it all looks fabulous!

    • If you only knew how big my head was…cutting it close is truer than you can imagine! Thanks for the kind words!

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. As grandmother to 2 teenage boys, It was fun reading & sharing the pics. of your reasons for not posting on your blog. You certainly have been busy, I wish you all the luck you seem to deserve. keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Justin, We were in Florida for 3 weeks. Hot, Humid,and Hot! Missed you! We plan on going to N.H. In late September. I’ll be going thru Boston and plan to see the new place. It will be great to see your talent in person!!! Summer is almost over. it’s time for you to relax!!

  4. Aw totally cool! Wis I lived closer to check you guys out!!! Blessings on new store!! Hey did I see some Aubusson under that Antibes fast selling desk??

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