We Do Custom Painted Furniture

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Well we’ve been mighty busy over at our Reading shop these past couple of months. Each Maison Decor store has had it’s own personality, much of it dictated by our demographic and customer base. What I’ve found, is that in our business, there are three types of people: the DIY-ers that want to buy Chalk Paint® and paint their own furniture, those who want to buy the furniture we’ve already painted, and those that want us to paint their stuff for them. Lately, our custom painted furniture services have been going through the roof. It’s totally cool with me, as it’s not just good for business, but I really enjoy painting furniture. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the look on someone’s face when they see their newly painted furniture for the first time. Often times, people hold on to this stuff because it has some sentimental value (Grammy’s old vanity, Dad’s chest of drawers, etc.) and even though they can’t stand what it looks like, they also can’t give up on it. And that’s where we come to the rescue.

With custom painted furniture, it’s a really great opportunity for us to work closely with our clients to deliver them exactly what they want. It’s also really cool to work with people who have different tastes and styles than we do. Sometimes it’s as easy as somebody emailing me a picture of a piece that they want it to look like and we replecate it. Other times we mix colors to create a one of a kind custom paint color like the sage colored piece we worked on this week (pictured below). My favorite is when our clients trust us and say, “you guys do whatever you think is best.” We’ve worked on so many different styles and pieces of furniture to this point that we know what a piece wants to be.



photo (4)


To get to this color, I mixed up several different mixes and painted them on tongue depressers to give the client a small little sample swatch to choose from. And always remember to write down your color recipes in case you ever need to match a piece or simply want to use that color again for something else.

photo (5)

If you’ve used this glorious paint, you know how great it is. Personally, I love to paint. It’s theraputic and also serves as a creative outlet that I hadn’t had since I was a high school kid taking art class. Having said that, I know some people don’t like to paint. If that sounds like you, well, you know where to find us.

Well unless you have a supersized job, in which case, we will come to you.

Colin getting started on a two-piece custom job that we did in-home for our client.

Colin getting started on a two-piece custom job that we did in-home for our client.

The finished product

The finished product


3 thoughts on “We Do Custom Painted Furniture

  1. Hi Justin. Another great job! I wish everyone in your area would stop in to meet you, Colin and Amy. Love the pictures on the blog, but seeing your work in person really is priceless. The smalls are great as well. I really like the two chandlier covers in burlap that I purchased, as well as the little French note book.

    I really like the Christmas window that include the new Chandlier! Good job!

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