Pioneer Goods Co.

Hi Guys!

Christine was kind enough to come by the shop and talk us up! Check it out…

N'East Style


I haven’t done a Q&A in a while and I’m thrilled to be bringing it back with Pioneer Goods Co.’s owner Justin Power. Pioneer opened its doors in the South End this year to a very excited and welcoming community. And for good reason! The store immediately grabs your attention with its covetable corner spot on Tremont Street along with a well designed logo featured on the large windows. Once you step inside, the mood is set. The lights are dim, the hardwood floors are covered with oriental rugs, and the walls proudly display pennants, taxidermy, and antique artwork and mirrors. What Justin, and the store, really excels in is careful restraint. Nothing is overcrowded and you don’t get the feeling that you’ve just walked into a pack rat’s barn. Instead, each piece is carefully selected and comfortably arranged together. The effect? You’ve just walked into your New England grandpa’s study. Justin was kind enough to…

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