Legrand x Hubbardton Forge Launch New LIne in the Adorne Collection in NYC

A few weeks ago, my mom, Amy, was approached at Maison Decor about attending an exclusive press event in Manhattan as Legrand and Hubbardton Forge were promoting their partnership and launch of a new line in the Adorne Collection featuring their fantastic light fixtures and switch covers. Amy was unable to attend due to prior engagements, but I was able to embark on this awesome (expenses paid!) trip to cover the event and speak to the folks at Legrand and Hubbardton about their beautiful wares.

Legrand is a global company with their products being sold in 180 countries, and they pride themselves on being innovators while making their fixtures not only energy saving and installer friendly, but absolutely gorgeous to look at. Hubbardton Forge was founded in a Vermont barn in 1974. Using anvils and tools long abandoned for modern technology, Hubbardton hand forges raw metals and creates functional art for your home. Today, they are the oldest and largest commercial forge in the United States.

Needless to say, we were honored to be invited to the unveiling of this wonderful new partnership.

We touched down at JFK and took an Uber to our hotel to get checked-in and situated. We were fortunate to have enough extra time for having some fun in Manhattan. Our view from our room looked as cold as it felt outside, but at least New York didn’t have the piles upon piles of snow that we left behind in Boston.


Despite the frigid temps, we decided to walk to the event, taking in views of the city around us.


Ten blocks later, we arrived at Haven’s Kitchen for hors d’eurves, cocktails, and most importantly, checking out the Adorne Collection.

IMG_1133    IMG_1148

The event was packed with folks from Sharp PR, who helped organize the event, reps from Legrand and Hubbardton, and other bloggers like me, who were dubbed the #hubbardtonblogteam.


IMG_1140 IMG_1143      IMG_1138

Right away, I wanted to capture some shots of the venue and the fixtures, all of which were Legrand! The space looked gorgeous and was buzzing with the energy only New York City could provide.


I grabbed my name tag and settled in. The food and drinks were terrific, but I wanted to make sure I fully inspected the products we were there to see and share with you.



4  2 IMG_1146 1

As you can see, the slogan for the night was, “light and switch, finally made for each other.” So what does that mean? As Legrand explains, it means, “six lustrous metal plates, forged by fire to make adorne’s simply elegant switches and outlets a perfect match with Hubbardton Forge’s rich array of metal textures and finishes. It’s a partnership forged in the fires of creativity and passion.” Suddenly, I’m embarrassed to look at my white plastic switch covers at home. It makes perfect sense really, why not partner your beautiful light fixtures with equally stunning switch and outlet covers? I’ll never be able to look them the same again.


4 thoughts on “Legrand x Hubbardton Forge Launch New LIne in the Adorne Collection in NYC

  1. Justin, So good to see Brush and Pail again. I think of you often, but have been in Florida a few months and busy. lst Question, Did you get married in October? 2nd, How is pioneer Good going?

    Love this post.. Are you planning to carry this line. it llooks interesting.

    Arleen from Tennessee.

    • Hi Arlenn,

      Great to hear from you!

      I did indeed get married in October and Pioneer Goods has been doing very well. We did get crushed by snow, so February was tough.

      Sent from my iPhone, please excuse any typos


  2. Lucky break for you to make the trip with your mom. I a Legrand light switch fan and mixing them together with the metal work of Hubbardton is a match made in heaven. The blog of your foray into NYC was beautifully executed – oh the memories you must have made…

    • It was a lucky break for sure! Thanks for reading and for the kind words 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone, please excuse any typos


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