Hi guys.

My name’s Justin and I’m into refinishing furniture using Chalk Paint. Together with my mom Amy and my brother Colin, we aim to offer beautiful and unique home furnishings and the tools for you to create your own at our store, Maison Decor. I do my best to blog about it all (to varying degrees of success).

Email me any time with questions, criticisms, compliments, or gripes at justinmaisondecor [at] gmail [dot] com


4 thoughts on “About

  1. hello!
    Love your blog. I have a question, any ideas of how to mount a flag. We have a hand stitched American flag almost 5 feet wide. I am picturing this mounted on old barn wood and hung on this big bare wall in our living area. Not sure how though!
    Also, I am a photographer in Epsom NH, not far from Boston. If you are ever in need of telling your story or picturing your work with photographs, give me a shout!
    Heather Bowes

  2. Hey I’m searching all around for a terrarium workshop I can give as gifts – are you having any soon? Jan? Let me know- I’d be able to bring 4 people-
    Jen W

    • Hi Jen,

      We do offer private workshops for groups upon request. Email me at justinmaisondecor [at] gmail [dot] com and we could work something out.

      Sent from my iPhone


  3. Hello …just discovered your blog and all your great pics using ASCP! wonderful work…but just one small thing…I can’t hardly bear to read your posts because the writing is so small..my eyes have gone crossed eyed! any chance on increasing your font size? not sure if any one else has asked this…but thanks again for a great blog.

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